Plutobury clothing are proud to be keeping manufacturing British

Since Plutobury Clothing Ltd launched on 28th September 2018, they have made it their mission to supply ultra-high quality garments while keeping the entire manufacturing process within the United Kingdom. This is a huge statement of intent to make at a time when there is so much Brexit-related debate about how British manufacturing could be negatively affected by the country's inevitable withdrawal from the European Union!

Their complete supply chain is kept within the UK domestic market, resulting in shorter lead times and reduced minimum orders, and they have managed to remain competitive without having to rely upon cheaper foreign suppliers.

The knock-on effects of their way of thinking are incredibly significant. First and foremost, Plutobury are helping countless British workers stay in employment, which in turn keeps the British economy healthy and ensures that money continues to flow around the United Kingdom, and not out of it. 

From an environmental perspective, the benefits are clear as well - zero foreign imports mean a greatly reduced carbon footprint for the business.

Plutobury founder Michael Dixey said: "I truly feel that our 100% British approach works perfectly on a 'person-to-person' level. If I need to meet someone or visit a supplier, I don't find myself jetting all over the world and wasting valuable time that could be spent putting my creative background to full use - it is often simply a brief trip down the M1!"

"In this era of information and images being instantly available across the globe, looking after our copyright is a top concern, and the easiest way for us to protect intellectual property is to remain solely within the United Kingdom, only dealing with one set of IP rules and regulations. As soon as a business manufactures goods abroad, they instantly have to factor in another country's copyright laws as well, and what small business can genuinely afford to keep on top of so much legislation?"

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